Joan Kloiber-Contemporary Fiber Art


The beauty of imperfection and asymmetry in nature, the marks that time, weather, life and loving leave behind are what inspire my art making.

My early work was entirely intuitive. I began a piece by painting, dyeing and/or discharging fabric - spontaneously, intuitively. Then I observed the treated fabric (sometimes over a period of weeks or even months) for a theme or message. When I finally "got" the message I then made visible the image I saw in the spontaneous painting using various forms of embellishment - primarily embroidery. I hand-stitched into the fabric, drawing out the message.

In recent years I felt the need for my art to be more intentional and more dimensional. It was then that I began creating with felt. Felting is a process of matting together natural fibers like wool or silk using water and friction or felting needles. The fun (and tricky) part is pulling and pushing a flat piece of felt into a three dimensional, self supported shape.

Creating with fabrics and fibers feels right to me. I hope these images feel right to you too.